Company :

Tavas Biosolutions Private Limited is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of products through innovation which cater to the most critical unmet demands in the research, development and manufacturing lifecycle of critical biologics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare segments.

Company policy :

We aspire to accomplish our goals by actively engaging with our customers to fulfill their unmet critical demands. We yearn perpetually to develop products that benefit our customers to refine their method of operations effectively with a competitive advantage. We ensure that we deliver the best of products across every country and gain immensely from the scientific knowledge across the talent pool.

People :

At TAVASBIOthe dynamic work force, including the board of directors and the key management team, drive the challenges and goals to reach the desired output effectively. The board of directors conceptualizes the thoughts, ideas and translates them to beneficial products; while the key management team drives the execution in operations with the required quality focus.

At TAVASBIO our 'Vision' is to develop unique products of multidisciplinary applications that solve efficiently miniature yet vital unmet requirements in the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. We envisage TAVASBIO to develop as an exemplary world leader in unique products and solutions in the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industry and a Company for our clients and partners to rely upon.

At TAVASBIO we always strive ceaselessly to create a cordial work environment and work mutually facilitating our customers to accomplish their goals effectively through Innovation and sustenance

Message from the board members:

"Good products ease the processes; great products enhance the processes, while effective products build value in your process". This is the philosophy of TAVASBIO where we work towards developing effective products with a thorough understanding of the gaps and requirements of pharma, biopharmaceutical, medical industry manufacturing workflow.
Our core team comprises of highly enthusiastic, experienced and dedicated folks who constantly strive to develop and deliver niche products that aim to bring in value into your manufacturing process stream.
Miniature yet critical is the goal that we wish to achieve in our routine R&D activities.
We contribute close to 10% of our revenue as investments in product development and delivery to bring in innovation in our product pipeline.