TavaSafe-Storage and Shipping System for Single Use Bag Assemblies

Manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals products including vaccines, mAB's , bulk drug substances in the industry today are accelerating product development and commercial manufacturing in order to get their drug products to the market. The manufacturing flexibility, capacity, and speed to market are increasingly and primarily driven by use of single use systems like bags, tubing, and connectors etc. Protection and preservation of these valuable biopharmaceutical products during transportation, storage, freeze thaw and or sale of these materials are biggest challenge which the biopharmaceutical industry is facing today. The potential breach of the bag leading to contamination risk and loss of product is a much bigger concern for single use systems as compared to traditional stainless steel systems.

Overcoming the hurdles of potential bag leaks and product loss during handling, freezing, thawing of biopharmaceutical products and shipping bulk substances manufactured using single use bags or their associated accessories are the key benefits of the TavaSafe systems.

TavaSafe provides both engineered secondary and tertiary packing solutions for protection and ease of handling of single use systems during the manufacturing of drug products. Available for:

  • Liquid Product Applications
  • Frozen Product Applications