Project Management for SUS Implementation

Implementation of single use technologies at production scale is still a challenge in the biopharmaceutical industry, inspite of validated economic and operating benefits it brings into the process.

We as a team of experts will be of a valuable resource to your organization to bring in knowledge on justification and implementation of single use systems into new facilities or existing facilities to create a hybrid platform

Project management comes as an effective tool here to support implementation of SUS systems

1. Project initiation phase: At the very early phases of initiation of the thought on single use systems we can support you on

  • Sourcing and budget planning- Sourcing and evaluating components from different manufacturers, with designs and assembling of systems
  • Determine the project plan and scope- at the very essence of deciding on the nature of platform that is to be implemented
  • Resource planning

2. Project planning phase: We will help you strategize and visualize the implementation plan of SUS systems with efficient tracking of project and risks at each stage of the project. Eg: Developing user requirement specifications on all the components

3. Project launch: When your team is ready to launch the project, we efficiently manage tasks and address risks and issues at each stage, we would compare plan vs the achievement and adjust schedules based on project plans and priority. Eg: Integrating it in your production scale, evaluating the risk and associated benefits, implementing validation strategies, performing a post implementation risk assessment and integrate the complete system into your process.

4. Project Performance evaluation: We evaluate the progress of the project and milestones and provide you project evaluation and assessment reports to confirm on the implementation mode. Eg: Develop training programs and apply them during the implementation phase.

Our qualified technical specialists can support you on this program of SUS implementation through guided charts, matrices and templates to enable your team achieve a seamless integration of single use systems.

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