For Frozen Product Transportation Applications

TAVASBIOTM - are engineered products using proprietary inert high performance foam technologies from U.S and robust protective packaging materials. TAVASBIOTM products provide robust secondary and tertiary protective packaging solution for your valuable products from product intermediates to final formulated drug substances. TAVASBIOTM products also use innovative design concepts to improve overall efficiency of handling, storage, and shipment of your valuable products. TAVASBIOTM products will greatly increase the protection of the single use bags against damages during freezing, thawing and handling within the manufacturing facility and during transport of products between domestic or global sites.


  • The surface areas of each bag are concealed and the tubing's are secured within the closed- cell, cross linked polyethylene foam casing that enables placement of the assemblies along with a secondary packaging support directly between the freezing plates of the freezer.
  • The protective foam casing secures the bag assembly in place and absorbs the shock and pressure that is generated on the bags and tubing during freezing process and prevents breakage of the joints of the tubing's during handling and transportation.
  • The supportive FEP mesh system provides both strength and ease of handling during movement of these assemblies within the facility or across the freezing chamber, especially in high volume applications such as bulk substances or handling efforts during freezing applications.
  • The option of a tertiary packaging which includes the casing with a 5 ply polypropylene support in which the assemblies along with the protective foam casing can be placed for transportation across facilities. This casing is sealed to enable tamperproof enclosures that ensure safety and traceability during transportation of bags across the facilities.


  • Availability of a robust secondary and tertiary containment system to fit the single use bags, tubing's and connectors
  • Virtually eliminating the risks of breakage of assemblies and leakage or loss of your valuable product.
  • Minimizes direct operator handling of the single use assemblies, thus completely eliminates the risk of exposure of any product traces to the operator.


  • Custom design of the protective foam casing can be made to fit the assemblies of any manufacturer or supplier and can be a universal solution for your liquid storage applications
  • Irrespective of the fact that the dimensions of all styles of assemblies are different you can get custom made solutions for any dimension.
  • The provision of an outer corrugated shipping box that fits your primary and secondary packaging contents directly available and eliminates your effort to source one for transportation across facilities